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My purpose is to go on a transformational journey program with my students. Open their senses, change the perspective they see the world, question their mindset, allow them to feel their bodies completely connected and activate their energy, inspire, balance. It's a dynamic style of yoga that combines breath, movement, meditation, mantra, and mudra. The goal is happiness, meaning, and making the world a better place.

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Gyan Mudra

A strong base

The Method

I teach my students to listen to the language of their movement, feel the magic of the space inside them. To set boundaries physically, emotionally and mentally. To become better guards to build up, sustain and protect their energy. I guide them on a journey through energetic kundalini yoga and powerful breathwork to breakthrough the masks and experience who they really are, no matter what happens in or outside the class. To work on their subconscious  through observing what comes up in their mind and body during the exercises. It opens a special healing space. It brings to expression through the movement what cannot be expressed with words.  Feelings, sometimes even qualities or sides of them hidden and undiscovered waiting to be embodied and lived out through opening the gates in the save space i provide. 

 If you are systematic, you can make the impossible just another day at the office.

 After the class they feel uplifted, balanced, connected to their essence and intuition, ready to shine and uplift their surroundings.

All of this is what I am searching for throughout my life- what is changing, what stays the same, inward energy connected to what unfolds outward, searching for freedom of expression and states of inspiration, a constant connection to my Self and joy. I want to go on this journey with you to share the treasures I found


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Leben und Lernen

Yoga at Home

Weekly group  classes

Monday 19:30Thursday 8:00

60/90 minutes class containing an energetic breakthrough with powerful Breathwork, Kundalini yoga, Yoga Nidra relaxation and Meditation. Each class gives you inspiration for  spiritual growth to apply in daily live and uplifting self-reflection

Individual sessions

45/60/90 minutes 

In this Sessions i combine Breath/ Movement/ Meditation according to the needs of the client. My field of excellence is energetic work through the body in themes of building up self-confidence, strengthening the aura and your appearance in the world, connecting to your purpose, compassion and self-love, cleaning the subconscious and living a happier and more joyful live.


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Happy to serve your soul


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